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Located in the heart of Downtown Franklin, Area Forty 4 specializes in all levels of protection for your vehicle. From correction, to PPF and ceramic coatings, there's no job we cannot handle. 

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Hello and welcome! I’m Vinny Sorrentino, founder and owner of Area Forty 4. For the past decade I have been on a quest to perfect the cosmetic condition of a vehicle. This started with detailing and quickly evolved to concours level correction, interior restorations, ceramic coatings, and ultimately paint protection film. I have more experience in this field than any other individual in the state. I’d like to take a moment to discuss what we do, and why we do it the way we do. Some call it overkill, some love it, but to me it’s simply the right way of doing things. I refuse to sacrifice quality or cut corners.


Let’s start with detailing. What we do here is far above the average understanding of a detail. We do not provide a quick cleaning of your vehicle, rather we completely decontaminate the exterior and then get to work. Most paint is riddled with defects, even brand new vehicles. This can range from nibs, fish eyes, scratches, swirls, marring, staining…and the list goes on. Our job is to completely and permanently remove these defects while not compromising the life of your paint. At a bare minimum your paint will receive a single stage polish and sealant. On the other end of the spectrum we may suggest wet sanding your entire vehicle and providing a multi-stage correction process including compounding, polishing, jeweling, and ceramic coating the finish to preserve it for several years.  We are happy (and recommend) to maintain your vehicle after we correct such defects, but we do not provide what most refer to as a “detail” to first time customers. Not every vehicle needs to be perfected, we will walk you through our options and let you choose what best fits your needs/budget. We do not provide discounts, so please don’t ask us to price match. If you want it done cheaper you can go elsewhere. We are here to service those who want it done once, and want it done right. 

After your vehicle has been corrected and we have removed said defects as per our original agreement, we get to protecting the finish. We have two options for protection and both provide drastically different benefits. At a bare minimum I would recommend a ceramic coating. We use Cquartz Finest products for all coating needs. There are a couple separate coatings, but we can discuss that in person, they mostly do the same thing but the prep varies as well as the surface we are applying it to (paint, plastic, glass, wheels, brakes, suspension, fabric, and leather/vinyl). Ceramic coatings are incredibly hydrophobic and make cleaning much easier as debris washes away with ease. The gloss and reflectivity from CQ FINEST is immense. I can guarantee you all ceramic coatings can be scratched, swirled, and most definitely are not going to prevent against rock chips. The risk of scratching/swirling is greatly reduced in the washing process, but you need to practice proper methods using our care package, and avoid automatic washes. 

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the ultimate form of protection for a vehicle. We have the ability to install any film, but it is HIGHLY recommended we use Suntek PPF Ultra. It comes with a 10-year unlimited mile warranty. The main benefit to PPF is it is highly impervious to rock chips. We generally will wrap at least the full front end and rockers/splash. We always wrap our edges, and when wrapping a full vehicle we will remove the mirrors, door handles, bumpers, and badges for a truly seamless finish. We have the only temperature controlled and air purified shop in Tennessee, and provide the cleanest install locally. Trash and texture is a thing of the past with our facility, as well as over 20,000 hours of experience in the field. Aside from rock chips, our PPF is self correcting meaning if you were to swirl the film it disappears with heat (sunlight, warm water, heat gun/hair dryer). Finally PPF will minimize the risk of door dings and nearly eliminate scuffs. After roughly 50,000 miles your front bumper will show a little wear from all the impacts, but I can assure you the paint underneath is pristine. Should something break through the film and cut into your paint/dent a panel know that there is nothing that would have prevented that. It has only  happened to me one time ever, and of course it was on a Ferrari. But I digress. The ultimate form of protection is a full body paint protection film wrap with fully encapsulated panels. We can ceramic coat over the PPF should you desire. A single stage polish and full decon is included with our pricing, but if you have heavier defects you would need to pay for the added hourly labor. Film is not recommended on older vehicles, and any previous rock chips will be easy to see underneath the film. I highly recommend bringing your vehicle in for PPF the day you buy it, we can always come back and correct defects and ceramic coat, but chips are permanent. Negate diminished resale value from a re-paint with Paint Protection Film (not valid if you are to get into a wreck, but we can fix that the right way as well). 

Sorry to verbally vomit on you. I needed to let you know who we are, what we are, and what we stand for. This is cosmetic protection done the right way. We are redefining this industry. 


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Business Line: 615-854-3915

Email: info@areaforty4.com, vinny@areaforty4.com

Please note, we have officially opened 1/2 of our newest facility. As we continue to build out the second 1/2, we will be operating out of bay 1. We have increased our production three fold. It's better than even I imagined, but pardon the missing outlet covers and unfinished floors. We will slowly be replacing the outlets and will get to the floors in January. After being non-operational for nearly 2 months, we have some catching up to do. Thank you all for understanding. Current wait time is just under 2 weeks. This shop has greatly increased our efficiency. Please CC Luke in on all inquiries, this will ensure the fastest initial response.



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And we are open!

After a tough 6 months, we have finally opened the doors to 1/2 of our new facility. With over 2500 square feet ready for service we are able to take on 3x the volume of our past production. We are finishing the second half and will move operations into bay 2 as we dig drains and finish the floors in bay 1 (seen here). Thank you everyone for your continued support.


10 Years in the Making

The day has finally come. After finally finding 5000 square feet of warehouse space in the heart of downtown Franklin and 6 months of talking with codes, we have literally broken ground on what I plan to be the largest and most advanced cosmetic automotive shop in Tennessee. Being an elevated building (intentionally for security purposes), we finally have poured our ramps that can handle the lowest of vehicles, as well handle the weight of the heaviest of non-commercial trucks. Hell an F-650 wouldn't leave a mark. Next step, interior renovations/lift installations and even more specialty tools being delivered for our newest voyage in cosmetic upgrades for vehicles.. Next month the glass on each side of the building will be pulled to install our new electronic garage doors, Getting close...bare with me.